rio de janeiro

Sao Paulo is a city of spectacular treasures, you can go anywhere once and over again and you can be sure that it’s always going to be different. It’s streets, parks and the people that give life to each place is something you need to live sometime.  From the Museum of Modern Art’s restaurant, in the short time I have to spare, I’ll tell you a brief story about what I lived in Sao Paulo.

A year ago I participated in the first edition of the Brazil Open in this city, the emotion and the warmth of the people could be felt in every event, as much as I felt it in this edition. Today, at the Brazil Open 2015, I feel very happy with the results. Even though there’s a big progress, I wish to win this ATP and I know that only hard work will take me there. The goal is clear and I’ll never stop going towards it.

I am really happy that my Colsanitas teammates, Robert Farah and Sebastián Cabal, got the title on doubles in this edition. The match I played against them, next to Nico Barrientos, was memorable. It feels odd to have played against them in this tournament. I sincerely congratulate them; they deserve this win and many more.

I was surprised as well with the incredible location where the tournament took place: the clay courts of the Ibirapuera Gymnasium. This place has a lot of history to talk about; it’s one of the most important venues of the city, in the past it has hosted concerts of great bands such as Van Halen and Metallica, international volleyball and basketball tournaments, among many others just as important.

My stay in this city has been an incredible experience, the beaches that are close to the city are really beautiful, and to contemplate the view of the South Atlantic is an experience you can’t find nowhere else. I had the chance to enjoy the Ibirapuera Park, which is one of the America’s biggest and can be compared to the Central Park in New York and to the Simón Bolivar Park of my beautiful Bogotá. The modern architects Oscar Neimeyer and Roberto Burle Marx designed the park; this last one was one of the first architects that cared about designing Brazil’s landscape.

Anyways, you have to come to Sao Paulo someday. It’s almost nothing what I can tell you about this big and beautiful city and its people. Gotta go, but not from Brazil, we’re heading to the Claro Open in Rio de Janeiro. Soon I’ll be writing from Barra de Tijuca.

¡Bom dia, Colombia!