Quito was a very pleasant experience; a trip where I had the chance know a city that has a lot to offer, there are so many beautiful things around here.

Ecuador and I have a lot of history; it was here where, seven years ago, I won one of my firsts Challenger tournaments. ¡Time really flies! It makes me remember a phrase that one of my firsts trainers used to say many years ago when I played one of my firsts matches at the Club Campestre: “you will play a lot of matches, so many that one day you won’t remember how many you’ve played”. He was right.

I spent a pleasant afternoon in Quito after the match. I walked with my mom downtown the city and we visited the beautiful baroque chapel of La Compañía, which is located at the corner of García Moreno St and Sucre St. This church has one of the most important façades of the baroque architecture of the continent; its incredible aesthetics are engraved on volcanic stone.

That same afternoon we had the pleasure to dinner with the Colombian ambassador in Ecuador, Ricardo Lozano, with whom we had a wonderful evening. During the dinner we talked about the beautiful art there is in Ecuador, especially about the iconic artist Oswaldo Guayasamín as my mother, Elsa, is a great admirer of his work.

Guayasamín was one of the greatest Latin American artists; his work has been in the most important museums and galleries around the world. The power of his art, and the character generated through it, pictures the diversity of a life seen through the eye of an artist who was friends with the most important people of his time, such as Neruda, Orozco, Fidel Castro, García Márquez, Mercedes Sosa, among many others. He is the example of a vast life full of experiences in each of its stages.

I was very happy about Victor Estrella’s triumph at the Quito Open; I admire his great strength and consider him as a great example of perseverance and the reward of the efforts during the hard trainings. I congratulate you, Victor and wish more success in your career.

We will keep in touch; I’ll give my best to go for more achievements and to defeat the challenges that come ahead.

Let’s go, Colombia!