What a surprise it was when I found out that mi first opponent in Barcelona would be Joao, and old fellow. As a part of the team or as an opponent it is always nice to find him in a tournament of the circuit.

Cataluña holds a spot on my favorite places list. It’s an amazing place, its people, its weather, its streets and architecture… It seems that I would never finish discovering every corner of this region of Spain.

I didn’t have enough time to enjoy Barcelona, the amount of time I spent training kept me busy. Nonetheless, I did learn a lot about Sabadell in a conversation I had with a group of guys that participated as volunteers of the Conde Godó Tournament.

They told me that a long time ago this city was known for having a great amount of shoemakers. They told me as well that there, as in Colombia, each region has its own local party in each one of their temples. One of the most important parties is the Mayor de Aplec de la Salut party; this celebration has a tradition that goes way back to the middle age. Unlucky me this won’t happen until the second week of May but someday I’ll return to be part of it.

I leave Spain temporarily. The next tournament awaits            in the ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire where, some stories tell, the people are direct descendants of Attila, the great warrior that that shook off dozens of towns back in the day.

This will be a great trip; thank you for following me, Colombia.