I’m glad to tell you that my clothing Brand, Santi Giraldo, recently consolidated an alliance with the department store “El éxito”. The goal of this relationship is to strengthen our textile firms and link people to sport through fashion.

“El Éxito” through its Bronzini brand (which offers original underwear designs for the whole family), currently has two lines called “Bronzini and you” and “J10 James for Bronzini Black”. This recent union aims to break down the barriers in sports fashion. Bronzini Active + Santi Giraldo will be out in stores in January 7th, 2015 and will be available in exito.com, as well as in 87 stores located in 38 cities of the country.

This season I’ll be wearing the new extension of Bronzini in all the matches. Also I’ll be in the Australian Open, the first big tennis tournament of 2015.

What will offer the first Bronzini Active + Santi Giraldo collection?

The first brand launching will offer polo shirts, shorts, jackets, caps for children and adults, as well as underwear and socks for high performance athletes.

Why Bronzini Active + Santi Giraldo? 

Bronzini Active + Santi Giraldo sport clothes are the result of mixing design and technology. This will improve the athletes’ performance that will feel more confortable and cool as they were made with last generation microfibers.

Thanks to the quality of the pieces, the colors will stay on the fabrics despite the sun and wash. Plus they have a protection against UV rays, which is very important for those who play outdoors.

What motivates Bronzini Active + Santi Giraldo?

 This alliance wants to show Colombian men and women that sports are a life-changing event, which encourages a culture of wellness in all its aspects. Is relevant to stand out that it’s an important moment for the tennis and we want more people to be part of it.

Finally, I’m feeling very proud to be nominated in the best sports player of the year category by the newspapel “El Espectador”. I hope I can count with your vote in this page. Greetings to you all and wait for more news.

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