Under the midday sun in the Uruguayan capital, took place the fourth round of the series between the best players of the world. On the Colombian side, Santi Giraldo faced a local player from Concordia, Pablo Cuevas.

The series had a 2-2 score after Pablo Cuevas overcame with a 6-2 6-3 and 6-3 scores. Colombia won the first two sets with Alejandro González and Santiago Giraldo. However, in the third round they gained victory vs. the couple formed by Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah.

In the first set, Giraldo showed he wanted to show his power, and in the first four games, he gave his best.

However, Cuevas broke with 32 first and 52 in the second game of the visitors, to finish with and ace in that first partial.

In the second set, the game was very tied, with advantage for the local player, but quickly the Colombian tied the game, even when in the fifth game the Uruguayan stole Santi’s service again, after two break options.

Cuevas closed the second set stealing for the third time Santi’s service and took advantage in the game.

The third game was even harder and the longest of the entire match, lasting 48 minutes. Giraldo seemed confident, but Cuevas won five games straight and won the match.

Colombia wins 3-2 and advances to the Playoff of the World Group

The last match of the series took place, with Alejandro González and Martín Cuevas at the Carrasco Lawn Tennis Club in Montevideo on Sunday afternoon. Alejandro won against the Uruguayan, Martín Cuevas with 6-4, 6-3 and 6-1 partials.

The triumph was for Alejandro González, from Grupo Argos, who won 3-2 in the finals of group 1 of the American Zone of Copa Davis and managed to advance, for the fourth time in his career, to the Play Off for the World Group, the most important tournament of the world amongst national players.

As visitor at the Carrasco Lawn Tennis of Montevideo, Colombia closed this Sunday with triumph obtained thanks to two victories From Alejandro González, from Grupo Argos, and another one from Santiago Giraldo, from Colsanitas team.

Fotografía: AFP