To develop new skills of children and the young people through the practice of sports because this will contribute to their personal formation. To blaze new trails between directives and technicians in order to reach specific and clear goals to our youth, giving them novel approaches based on entertainment frameworks, education and friendly ties between childhood, and with a strong participation of their parents.

Pereira has always shown an important tennis potential as a result of the team work of many youngsters guided by a great management and a great technical body. Based upon this, we set our first goal for 2012 and a second for 2017: To have the best formation schools and to achieve a relevant outcome for each of our players, and socializing all the work with the parents and the technical and directive bodies.
Our organization has been committed to develop new methods to encourage childhood to enjoy the tournaments, introducing them to a fantasy, friendly and forming world. Teaching the parents a new format based upon work, love for sports, and permanent communication, utilizing the expertise of psychologists, physical trainers, dietitians, sports coaches, entertainers and trainers. Making the kids, the parents, their friends, and every person integrate with the event.



Created in may 2014 and arisen from Santi’s and his family desires to contribute to actively involve the most socially and economically disadvantaged children and teenagers with the society on the basis of tennis as a sport as well as a life platform.

Their fundamental interest is contribute to give a better life to these children and teenagers, seeds of tomorrow, to whom sports will open a new door to hope, life and reach of their goals.

The great motivation of this project is to reattribute all that tennis has given to Santiago as a kid, individual and professional. The Santi Foundation platform was inspired by Santiago’s father Eduardo Giraldo, whom, 22 years ago, created the Chiquitines Tournament, with the goal of forming extraordinary people through sports and family relationships.


My father, Eduardo Giraldo, creator and founder of the Chiquitines Tournament, whom inspired me to make this project, shares the reasons of how and why the Chiquitines Tournament was born, more than 21 years ago, and how this story became my motivation to support him with the platform of the Santi Giraldo Foundation.

It was more than twenty years ago that I realized that tennis, as well as all of the sports, was developed under some simple parameters where individualistic policies marked by the personal visions of the parents, the initiative of the children and the assistance of the coaches; joined through a secondary usage of time by the children and their parents. Faced with this thinking, I realized that breaking the paradigm was imperative, as well as looking out for solutions different to the previously used by all the national entities.

But first, we needed to find an element that turn the sports practice into something nice and fun. So a new idea was born from that point of view. To launch a tournament in which the competitive facet would be secondary, being the most relevant the familiar bound between the participants. To make them live days of authentic fun among the tennis family, involving their parents to commit with themselves and with their children. The main goal of this event is to learn to have a better understanding with the people, but most of all, with our children.

That was the idea that formed the basis for this tournament, and we have welcomed delegations from all the corners of Colombia since then; surprising us, year after year, with the delegations that comes from very far places such as Putumayo, Choco, Santanderes, Llanos Orientales, Costa Atlantica, Huila and all of the central part of our country.

Almost every notable player at a national or international level have passed by the Chiquitines Tournament. But the most important fact is that we’ve had the opportunity to give the children an option of good-natured fun, leaving them seeds that have grown in them and have contributed to their growth as integral people.


Nine recipients in the ATP ACES For Charity grant programme for 2016 are announced

On January 5, 2015, the nine winners were announced donations program with ATP ACES for Charity 2016 ATP ACES For Charity, an international program that recognizes and supports all ATP players and their involvement in social causes and their foundations; this initiative carefully selects all registered foundations to international competition and are subjected to a vote among several members of the organization of the ATP.

The financial aid offered by the ATP are for organizing charity tournaments players and charitable activities that focus on a wide range of issues, from education, health and physical development. Since the program began in 2011, the ATP has granted annual amounts between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars in a select number of projects at the ATP World Tour.

FOUNDATION SANTI GIRALDO officially received a statement on January 5, 2016, having been one of the nine winners of the ATP ACES For Charity Grant through a donation that will focus on further promoting the initiative of the Foundation which focuses on the formation of good human beings through two platforms of life: The Sports and Education. The main thrust of the first year, will support Colombian players with equipment, training and tournaments for personal and professional development.

In the following link you can read the press release of ATP.