el deck santigiraldo

Apart from being an athlete and play in Grand Slam tournaments, I became a businessman. One of the first challenges I’m facing right now is launching a restaurant.

May I introduce “El Deck”, a project in which Cabal, Robert and I are being coached by the talent of another friend: Felipe Acosta, together we’ve put all our hopes. Felipe is responsible for creating wonderful places such as “El Tambor”. “El Deck” is located in Zona G, in Bogota: one of the most visited corridors in town. Here you can find a great variety of restaurants and taste some snacks, tapas and local drinks, all of this in a chilly place where you can experience great moments.


I stayed a few days in Pereira, with Sorana and I introduced her to my family and went horseback riding outside of town. We also visited the Cocora Valley, a beautiful natural place surrounded by the Colombian Andes. It’s an incredible place where you can discover the Quindio wax palm, the national tree of our country.

Recently, I received great news from Bogota. One of my pending projects was consolidated with the brand “El Éxito” and by it’s subsidiary Bronzini Active, we’re launching a sportswear line. Our first collection will be out in early 2015. I hope this project, in which I have so much faith, will go well and be successful.


The event was memorable not only for the presentation, but also for having met Jesús David, a young tennis player with whom I had an emotive chat previous to the conference. Situations like this motivate me to keep pushing myself to give the best. I know that behind me are not just the days or the hours dedicated to training, but also the people who follow me in every adventure and every match.

To finish, I should tell that I’m writing from Cartagena, wishing the best to each of you. I confess I’m feeling impatient for going back training because I like keeping myself active. By the end of the month I will be traveling to Bradenton, where I’ll prepare in the Fit Crew, before traveling to the first test of 2015 in Auckland.

Cartagena santiagogiaraldo