Madrid Open is one of the most relevant events, and reaching quarterfinals means a great advance for my career progression of this year. I was lucky to have great companion on that occasion, my friend and great soccer player, Colombian Falcao. He is and remain being one of the biggest stars of Colombian and International soccer, despite the fact he won’t be playing this year during Brazil’s World Cup.

We have a long time close relationship. He travels with us to tennis tournaments on every possible occasion. We spent some nice afternoon catching up on personal stories and wishing luck each other on our mutual careers.

Santi Giraldo_Falcao_1

One of the things that got our attention was an exhibition about the history of tennis settled in the hall of the Mutua Madrid Open. We could see a brief history about tennis through the galleries. Also about the pioneers of the white sport somewhere around the 16th century northern France and England, as well as a huge collection of rackets and its evolution over 4 centuries! I can’t imagine myself replacing my Babolat racket for one of those heavy wooden artifacts! It is amazing to discover how technology has helped to improve sports.

Santi Giraldo_Madrid_2

Santi Giraldo_Madrid_1

Walking through Madrid’s streets along with my family, I can’t be more thankful for this successful season opening. It is with the support of Colsanitas’s Team, the great friends such as Falcao as well as of every person that in some way sends their best energy, is that I give my best to raise up Colombia name everywhere I go.

And so, I’m getting ready for the next stop: Rome, the famous eternal city!