The tournament of Wimbledon is an event of a high relevance. It is one of the older tournaments held since 1877. Its origins date back from the traditional British society’s garden parties during the Victorian times. It’s a traditional tournament that include a strict dress code for competitors.

It was a very exciting time for me, and not just because of the matches. Colombia’s soccer team was giving a great performance on the Brazil 2014 World Cup during these days.

It is a great team, it was impressing to see David Ospina defending the goal against Uruguay. And, not to forget the genius of James Rodriguez during the course of the match. It was spectacular, at the point of being summoned to play on the Spanish League, for Real Madrid, no more, no less.

Santi Giraldo_Londres_1

Getting back to London. I had the chance to walk around an amazing city that never ceases to give you something. Each borough has a very different atmosphere, from the amazing historic area in front of Buckingham Palace and its wonderful parks to the most alternative areas of West End.

On this occasion, I decided to visit Camden Town, in the northern part of the city. Its small second hand goods stores, the channels that traverse the borough and its many cafes, make this one of the most typical and authentic places of London.

Santi Giraldo_Londres_2

The best participation I’ve had in Wimbledon, was after facing Daniel Gimenes-Traver and Roger Freder. I’m leaving London with a great satisfaction for my performance and I’m ready to give my best at Stuttgart.