We all know who Casta Castaño is. I know it very well.

First, her career placed her under the spotlight as one of the most important figures of the Colombian tennis. And then, her cause; a cause transcends boarders or differences. Cata’s struggle is everyone’s struggle.

Catalina said goodbye to the court, not to life, not to our hearts, because her greatest career just started.

Since I can remember, Catalina has been a warrior in the court, a relentless fighter that possesses an enormous heart.

Cata, you’re a huge example of strength, courage, bravery and sacrifice for everyone in Colombia, including the children.

Your effort has been an inspiration for all of us, in the court and outside of it. Catalina Castaño is an example of will that inspires, touches and strengthens.

Far away, from Houston, I share these words from the bottom of my heart. I share the especially to you, Catalina that always gave me confidence, good times, great advice and unconditional support throughout my career.

I treasure the good comments and words of encouragement that you always had for me in the beginning of my career when we happened to meet in the court.

You’re an extraordinary woman that we all, especially me, admire and respect.

You will always remain an example for all of us.

I send you a warm hug.

We are with you.


Santiago Giraldo.