The short trip to Pereira helped me to fill me up with energy and to be with the people I love. I spent a few hours reading during the flight and then I rested until we arrived to Bogota. It took some time to get back home.

Already in Pereira I was with my family and friends that I haven´t seen in a while. We had a great time, we laughed and I told them about some adventures I had in Acapulco and California. If there is something I enjoy the most is to have time to spare with the people that are always with me along this journey.

In the morning I visited the Club Campestre where a new tennis court is being built and, in the near future, it will host a date of the ATP circuit. I am very honored that this new court is named after me; I consider it a great pride.

That same day I had a pleasant meet and greet with the chiquitines with whom I had a practice session at the court. I can say that I identified great aptitudes in some of them; I hope they can develop them and continue to learn so they can show the world how Colombia builds up fine tennis players.

Even though my stay here was short I enjoyed it like never before. For now I have to go back; the next stop is on the other side of the Atlantic. Barcelona will be the first stop of the European circuit. Come along with me; let’s see what happens over there.