The structure that this blog has had for the past two months is now over and also the rigor and commitment to have to do it once a month just because. Cause I’m supposed to… I thought.

Now I stop and ask myself peacefully ¿Why? ¿What for?

From now on I’ll do it when I want to, whenever I feel it from within, from love.

I personally believe that it is so much better but I respect different thoughts.

I share this with you, because it is also an example –in this case this blog- of how I decided to shift my old structure in every aspect of my life. ¿What sense does it have for God´s sakes? We are spectacular by nature and if we do things from within, and I’m talking about things but also about the work we do, what we think, everything…

If ALL works better, it works in a divine way, flows in harmony and in what way. It cannot be put into words.

I´m just starting this process and I hope to evolve until the last day I have to, because realizing that we live blindfolded, ear numbed and with our senses weakened and without even understanding why… ¿What if I told you there is a reason? That everyone who reads this identifies him or herself and realizes that at some or many moments of his or her life, has felt that something inside doesn´t go, that it doesn´t fit. A divine rebelliousness of life, that at any given moment is neutralized by the society we live in, by the circus in which we move in, following like sheep a path that is beautiful but we don´t even realize the beauty that is there right by us so we could have the joy to live in peace and harmony FEELING that marvelous path.

I thank life for organizing and giving me the opportunity to remove that shady blind of my eyes, get that filthy plug out of my ears and subtly raise the great senses that each of us have and that life has given us in an unique and perfect way. I’m not complaining about the past, on the contrary, I am totally grateful because it has given me the opportunity to be ready for this, to find the source that would satisfy my thirst with love. I hope to spread with all the humility and without ego a little bit of everything. Life will take care of it too, and if not it would also be WONDERFUL, because everyone has to live its own process. His/Her Divine Process.


With love,