Being able to enjoy the possibility of writing this chronicle once a month is fantastic. With this one, the first of 2016, I want to tell you why, what for and what do I want at the present moment and in an indefinite future with it. Being honest with you, the chronicles written by me on my online networking, have been the past two last ones and this one, actually the third. That´s why I present you what will be called from now on: Santi´s Corner.

 At this present time, in the generation that we live in, communication, information and access to it, give us an enormous power and amazing opportunities to reach out to people. Having the chance and being able to pass on ideas, thoughts and interpretations, should arouse in us expectation, desire and enthusiasm; and this is what I feel right now, thinking, writing and recording here with you, the how I see and feel about things. Because of it and many other reasons I’m motivated to share them with you.

Even though there is a responsibility factor, there is above all a decision to do it with autonomy and commitment, starting from a real, optimistic base, and from a pleasure to communicate. It would be somehow pitiful and a bit ironic according the above mentioned, not to use this platform in which only a year after the general and the maybe timid beginning of the project SantiGiraldo the 93.000 people –friends- that follow us in Twitter, the 21.035 Facebook fans and the 13.000 at Instagram, wouldn’t have this little side of me; next to all the new people that actually join in and will join in the future, to the kids who want to become athletes, to the good people and to those who are always waiting on and looking out for me -in the good times and the not so good ones-, and even to the journalists that carry on the important task to communicate, they will have here an extra channel, another point of view with my insights.

Each person has its story; from mine I’ll share moments, reflections and concerns so you can get to know me better. Tennis of course, will be a reference point along with all what this amazing sport has to offer. In the same way, I’ll tell some of my life anecdotes and surroundings. I’ll be giving my opinions of the world I intensively live in and I’ll share my reflections on different matters that my enigmatic Colombia produces.


(That’s how they are calling the notes)

* The first one is over:

The First Oceanic circuit has just been over for me. Djokovic is a fair winner of the first big one. At this moment he has an amazing poise including the technical, physical and mental part of the game and everything that comes along with. For now it’s going to be SO difficult to decrease his hegemony.

* Match-fixing:

While we were in Australia, we -the tennis players, the ATP, and different entities that regulate the sport of tennis- saw with concern, the accusation made so irresponsibly, hastily and without any proof by the BBC Radio and another British portal. By carefully reading the document, based on statistics and hypothesis lacking depth, I believe that high-level tennis is really clean despite the theoretical easiness to possibly match-fixing. We are warned and we must cooperate with the respective entity in charge of the “Anti-Corruption Unit” in case of any suspicious activity and the same way if any outsider or stranger approaches us. The good name of Tennis must not be harmed or doubted about, even less by the lack of arguments. If something happens it must be investigated, but I repeat, in high-level tennis that’s unlikely. And yes, lower status tournaments must be under control because of the economic vulnerability of its participant players.

*About Colombia:

Having the chance to travel around many countries and seeing fantastic cities with terrific operation and management plans, I see with joy the urban plan of Bogota´s current mayor Peñalosa, (people who know me know how much I like politics, but I have to say, that for personal reasons I have always showed a neutral stand regarding personalities and attitudes) in this case, it goes beyond politics. I long and desire that he will be able to develop “his idea” with its amazing, farsighted and dreamy proposals concerning urbanism, and of course that he finds the way to execute them unfettered, and that he gets the way to properly finance them, at the city’s best interest. I don’t hide my astonishment in front of the quest and preparation, but also as how he is perceived as an international model regarding city planning.

*About the World:

It’s disturbing to see the economic world scene and the way it is assumed by the inhabitants of each country. It’s even more disturbing, to know how our country is going to substitute oil incomes that have reached sky limits, having into account, that they helped our deposits in a not so distant past and currently are on the floor for an indefinite present. Let’s trust how management is done, in our historical trend for the past 14 years, and in the persons in charge.

I’ll see you again in February with other notes at -Santi’s Corner-



January the 1, 2016