Colombia. This was the destiny I chose for what it has been the most memorable vacations I´ve had. Arriving to Cartagena is always special, but this time, next to a spectacular company, Cartagena and its narrow streets in the old city, its crystal clear water of its surrounding islands and their exotic beaches, added to the inimitable and magic flavors of its food and people, left in us with the feeling of wanting to come back soon.

Barú, Cholón, Punta Iguana were some of the spots we chose to relax and appreciate the inner charm of this city in the Colombian coast. Then, when night came La Vitrola, Donde Olano, Santa Clara´s little bar and other authentic places couldn´t miss to enjoy the charm of Cartagena´s nightlife.

Our next destiny was La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. We decided for our second and last stand of these magical vacations, to go into this mythical Colombian destiny; the frame we had was majestic and unforgettable: A gigantic Sierra that overpasses its highest point 4.500 m.a.s.l with beaches of unique beauty. ¡AWESOME!

We added to our purpose of disconnecting, adventure and adrenaline produce by the fortune of beauty appreciation. Monkey watch, water rapids and eco-walks were ideal to achieve the goal of these vacations, Reflection and Recharge.

During these days I also had the chance, besides relaxing and thinking, to keep on cherishing, even more, this beautiful potential we have, and to evolve as a human being, to grow and to strengthen my inner will of wanting to do more and to do it better.

To resume, I ran, danced, swam, sailed and shared with new people… They were some fantastic vacations! ¡UNFORGETABLE!

P.S: The last event (but as same memorable) of these great vacations, was the wedding of our good friends Manuela and Juan, to whom I thank and wish lots of success. We had a great time. ¡Thanks and the best for this new stage that reaches your life!