The Colombian player, Santi Giraldo, who just lost a match against Diego Schwartzman in the Istanbul quarterfinals, is now playing quarterfinals on this Madrid 1000 Masters.

This was the sixth match for Giraldo and Fognini. Last time they faced each other was in San Pablo 2015. That time the victory was for Colombian player with a final score of 3-2 on his favor.

The match lasted about an hour and a quarter with scores of 2-6 and 3-6 on favor of the Italian player, Fabio Fognini who passes to the next round and sets a record before Santi of 3-3.

The first set was very difficult for Santi since the Italian player started the match full of power. Giraldo couldn´t be accurate on his hits from the back, especially on the backhand that is his best hit, as he wasn´t steady. This way, the Italian broke Santi’s serve twice and won the first set by 6-2.

On the second set, Fognini started with a break on his favor and went ahead by 1-4 but Santi had some moves to show so he started working a little more to get those points. This way he recovered a break and went ahead by 3-4.

The eighth game of this set was very important for the end of the match: the Italian player was serving 00-40, the break points for Santi that couldn´t be scored. Right after, in the same game, Santi couldn´t score three more break point chances and Fabio went ahead by 5-3. Giraldo seemed anxious for the last game of the match; he saved a match point with a passing shot on his back that was amazing; but then he couldn´t deliver and Fognini won the match.

Now Santi awaits for his match on doubles next to Scott Lipsky against the Croatian Marin Cillic and the Serbian Viktor Troicki tomorrow at 11:00 am.