The number one racquet in the country, Santi Giraldo, who this week is 59th in at ATP ranking, expressed his optimism facing Japan’s team and Colombia’s chance to pass to the World Group.

Santi acknowledged that is an even series but difficult due that Japans has really important players such as Kei Nishikori, number 6th in the world and he adapts well to clay surface. However he assured “We´re going to try to win every point because each point will be critical and decisive.”

Also, Santi didn´t hide his joy to return to the club where he took his first steps in tennis and to the court that today bears his name, Court Stadium Santiago Giraldo, which fills him with pride and he thinks that it is a motivation for our sportsmen, our youth and to create solid foundations for people’s life through sports.

Santi feels that been locals will give them the home court advantage that the fellow countrymen would to take national tennis to historic new heights.

Santi, in his personal history in World Cup of Tennis has played 20 series, in which he has fought 31 matches with a record of 19 victories and 12 losses. This series will be the fourth opportunity for the team Celsia Colombia to enter the World Group of the World Cup of Tennis.