This morning, the first match of the day took place in Geneva. The main court witnessed one of the most outstanding quarterfinals of the tournament in Switzerland’s capital.

Santi and Cilic have played against each other four times. Since the Chennai – India tournament until the match in Rome, one year ago, where the player from the old continent won.

The match started around 5 am (time of Colombia) and lasted about an hour and a half with scores of 7-5 and 6-3 on Santi’s favor.

As we said in previous posts, it was fundamental that Santi remained focused, especially with his serve because that was the key to achieving this win. Santi had a 66% of first serves and won the 84% of the points he played for with them.

The chance of a break would come anytime and Santi had the chance to score 11 break points but could only score 3 of them that were enough to win. It is worth to mention that Santi did not give away any chance for a break.

In the first set Santi and Marin were very confident of themselves, they both were winning their serve games with strength until the ninth game when our player had his first chance for a break point that he couldn’t score. Nonetheless, Santi kept up his pace and in the tenth game he scored a break point followed by the serve that helped him win the first game by 7-5.

In the second set, the Croatian player came out to give it all but Santi knew how to fight back his attacks and scored a break point by the fifth game, this place him close to the victory which he got with another break point by the last game and a final score of 6-3.

With this win, Santi adds 90 points to get back up to his spot on the ATP ranking and moves forward to his second semifinal in the season, after the one in Sao Paulo. Now he awaits for the winner of the match between the Brazilian, Bellucci and the Spanish, Albert Ramos.

¡Let’s go for more, Santi!