The Colombian tennis player Santiago Giraldo faced the US player Denis Kudla this Friday in the Wimbledon R3 on singles.

The match was scheduled to take place in the second turn of the court number 18 and started around 10 am, time of Colombia. The match lasted about 3 hours and ended up with final scores of 2-6, 7-6(3), 6-2, 1-6 and 3-6 on the US player’s favor who moves to the next round where he will face the winner of the match between Marin Cilic and John Isner.

In the first set the US player’s game was very intense and it took Santi by surprise. Denis Kudla showed his experience in every serve and took advantage of the low percentage of points scored with Santi’s serve and broke the Colombian player’s serve two times just to take the first set by 6-2.

In the second match, Santi really got into the game and discovered the US player’s weakness to start pressuring Denis’ serves that had three break point chances he couldn’t score.

It seemed like Santi was getting into trouble when Kudla broke and got back on his feet with a score of 6-5 ahead. Nonetheless, Santi immediately reacted and broke the serve in 0 taking the set to a tiebreak where the Colombian player showed his experience and won by 7-3.

In the third set Santi kept up the good work and dominated the set; he broke Denis’ serve two times with a lot of heavy hits back and forth and finally won the set by 6-2.

In the fourth set Kudla reacted confused Santi. The US player started to hit in a better way and was full of energy, fighting to score each point and taking Santi to make mistakes. This way, Kudla took the fourth set by 6-1.

In the fifth set, Denis Kudla kept the good work and quickly scored a break point; he kept this advantage on his favor until the end of the match and even broke Santi’s serve just to take the set.

Santi equals his best performance in Wimbledon last year when he played against Roger Federer. Now, Santi gets ready to play in clay and hard courts again.