The Aussie, Nick Kyrgios, 70th place in the world, who defeated Rafa Nadal on Wimbledon, defeated Santi Giraldo —from Colsanitas Team— during the first round of the main draw fromthe Masters 1000 of the Rogers Cup, in Toronto, Canada. After 1 hour and 38 minutes of intense playing, Santi was defeated by Kyrgios, the Aussie won the match by 7-6 (7-3) and 7-5.

Santi Giraldo_Rogres Cup_1

It took a delay of 2 hours due of weather conditions for the match to start, and it was with an aggressive and clever game that Santi stroke the Aussie.  Drives* and crossed backhands drove the Aussie out from the court and made him run to keep the point. Santi led the first set to 5-2, complemented with an excellent serve and scored a 75% from the disputed points with it. The Aussie reacted and tied* the match. They got to tiebreak* (6-6) and the Aussie drew his best card: A serve that gave him a victory of 7-3.

The Aussie kept up with the same technique during the beginning of the first set, but Santi clung into the match looking for the break down. Kyrgios’s discomfort was noticeable because he wasn’t able to find stability and assertiveness on his shots. Santi salvaged 5 breaking options and was looking to break Kyrgios’s service, who had stressful moments during the 9th game of the 2nd set with a 00-30 against; thanks to the two winning shots from Santi, who was able to overcome the Aussie’s strong service from time to time during the match; but Kyrgios salvaged thanks to his serve and forced the Colombian to make a mistake. Finally, during the 12th game of the second set, Kyrgios was able to defeat Santi’s endurance and achieved the third match point in his favor, classifying this way to the second round, where he will play against the British Andy Murray. Santi scored 10 points and now is getting ready for Cincinnati Masters 100, where he won’t be playing for points. Instead, he will be looking to sum points in order to keep ascending on the ATP ranking.

¡Vamos Santi!