This is the last Grand Slam of the season and Santis expectations are greater. He will be head of the tournaments series (firs Colombian that achieves this), thanks to his ranking and the FALL of some other players like Haas, Del Potro, Nadal and Dolgopolov. Until now, Santi will be seed 27 at the US Open, ensuring that he wont face another pre-classified player until the third round where he would play against a top 8.

Santi Giraldo is in the no. 31 position of the ATP ranking. Looking at the results of the concrete court tour, where Santi achieved so many good results and a good game level, we aspire for more.

The US Open has evolved since its beginning in the training and free tournaments of the elite society. Its first edition was conducted at Newport Casino during the summer of 1881. It was called then US National Singles Championship, and originally was intended to gentlemen members of the United States National Lawn Tennis Association. The tournament offered the singles and doubles modality, this last one since 1900. The champion of the first edition was Richard D. Sears, whom conquered the tournament for 6 years in a row.

It was six years before women were allowed to participate. Ellen Hansell was the first winner of the tournament played at Philadelphia Cricket Club in 1887. The first ladies doubles championship was created two years later, and in 1900, the mixed doubles.

The most outstanding players from the US Open with most victories won since 1968 are Swiss Roger Federer, Americans Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras; whom can count five titles on mens category. The American Chris Evans won six titles on the womans category.

Santi is looking now to improve his performance during the US Open, the only tournament from the big ones in which victory is still pending. And where he has faced players like Roger Federer and Feliciano Lopez. All his efforts and hopes are on keep growing and overcome adversities.

Santi, keep it up!

Mutua Madrid Open - Day Six