Laiwan Ng Shenzhen (Jan, 14)

We boarded the plane in Toronto to take a long trip towards the East; Shenzhen awaited our arrival. Usually long trips are not nice experiences but I like to use that time to watch the latest movies I couldn’t watch before, listen to music and enjoy the meals on board.

My first encounter with the great land of China started from my window in the precise moment when you are still flying, when you can have an excellent view of the space; a perspective of the Dapeng Peninsula in Shenzhen –a highly visited place because it has a marvelous view– and the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. It was amazing.

shenzhen airpot

From all the trips that I have done throughout the world, the Shenzhen airport left me a great impression of the Eastern architecture. Inside the International Airport of Shenzhen Bao’an there are rooms with honeycomb motifs that surround its structure, internally and externally. It allows the daylight to go inside and to give you a warm welcome.

The landscape gives you the sensation as if you had arrived to a city of the future. Skyscrapers demarcated the first zone I met. Shenzhen, thanks to its closeness to Hong Kong, has a great commercial development that can be seen immediately on its buildings and its streets.


There is a lot of cultural activity at the Cantonese district. I found out that the Oct-Loft Jazz Festival will begin next week at the Creative Culture Park OCT-LOFT; this space is part of the He Xiangning Museum of Shenzhen, a wide zone that has a good amount of coffee shops, restaurants and galleries that exhibit all kinds of art including design, photography, painting and animation. It is one of the most important cultural forums to which a lot of artists arrive to show their work.

There was not enough time to get to know Shenzhen well, however, in one of my spare afternoons I went out for a walk.

The Shenzhen Open left a lot of achievements; it was a great experience that got the best of me and strengthen my learning from previous matches. Being on the semi-finals was the reward after a lot of hard work.

The trip to China is not over yet. Beijing and Shanghai will be the next stops in the Asian tour. There is no doubt that having the opportunity to travel to these places has let me know more of a culture which is very different from ours. The success achieved does not leave me satisfied and my goal is to end this year on a higher place on the ranking.

Beijing awaits and we are looking for the victory. I send you a hug from Shenzhen.