It is the first ATP World Tour tournament of 2014 and I am in the biggest oasis of the Middle East, the luxurious Qatar. An energetic place that reaffirms my conviction to make this a year of many triumphs. It is impossible not to be amazed by a city that is like a walled treasure. Surrounded by the desert, framed on a beautiful bay and full of amazing luxury hotels.


Despite its recent history, Qatar gives you an opportunity to discover the Arab Culture, to feel the energy of its landscapes and the magic of the stars of the firmament. Sitting at the hall, I’m wondering how many people must have been here thinking and feeling the same.

I took a tour to the desert dunes during a free afternoon. It is amazing to discover that one of the most prominent cities of the Middle East was built upon this very desert. There is a project encouraged to create a mega agricultural park that will supply the whole region with food and water. This is a good proof that everything is possible with a sound use of natural resources.

qatar 2 camello

I’m departing through the official airlines of Middle East, loving each moment I spent on these lands, kindly surprised by the modernity of Doha and its warm people. My next destination will be very far away from here, in Auckland, New Zealand.

This is a very nostalgic time of the year for me. It is inevitable to think about my family and friends and of course my homeland. I have them with me all the time. But it has been with the constant support of my Team, Colsanitas, that I have achieved a wonderful closure of the year. A triumph that will reach every corner in Colombia. So, this is getting good, I am doing what must be done, facing life with passion and dedication.

See you soon!