The big matches show you how far have you gone. This is a path full of challenges where you have to struggle against the flow and, thanks to discipline, persistence and drive to never give up, you can continue in the battle.

The Davis Cup is a big tournament; the players give their best in every match. It’s 100% competitive. With enthusiasm and with eyes set on the goal, Robert, Sebas, Alejo and I are preparing to go through the round against Uruguay.

We’re staying in the Carrasco zone, in the beautiful city of Montevideo. Our hotel was a block away from la Rambla, the rooms had a beautiful view to the Río de la Plata that spreads over Buenos Aires and La Plata until it merges with the Atlantic.

We manage to qualify in the playoffs round for the World Group with a great effort. It is a great pride to represent our country next to awesome players that, match after match, gave great results in each category. Now we wait and keep on training on the next months to get the best score in the ultimate circuit.

I travelled to California to play at the Indian Wells and continue with the season agenda. During the training I had the pleasure of having a training match against Kei Nishikori; it was really exciting.

During the training sessions, discipline is fundamental for tennis players. To me, that word translates into having the ability to honor rituals, demands, duties and routines needed to achieve a goal.

We just finished another tournament. I feel really grateful with each and every one of you who went to support me in the Indian Wells matches. Our next tournament awaits in Miami; it’s another of the most important Master Tournaments of the season and we will seek to be there with a great attitude and go forward with big steps.

Let’s go, Colombia!