Santi Giraldo faced the Canadian Vasek Pospisil on the first match of Masters 1000 in Shanghai. This is the third time they face each other in the last two months but Pospisil kept the victories.

The first showdown was at the ATP 500 of Washington on the quarter-finals, where the Canadian won three sets; the second one, when they faced during the Davis Cup play offs. The Canadian won three sets.

The match took place on the first hours of Tuesday, Colombian time, at the main court of the Shanghai Masters, with scores: 2-6, 7-6(5) and 1-6 against Santi.

On the first set, Giraldo gave away his serve two times, with a high percentage of first serves in contrast to his second serve. Finally, Pospisil took the set by 6-2.

On the second set, the game was back and forth and none of the players where favored, the defense and offense of both made a very tight set. The set concluded on Santi’s favor, who managed to take advantage on the tiebreak and won by 7-6(5).

Nonetheless, Vasek Pospisil turned the game in his favor with a score: 6-1.

Even though none of them is on the ATP Top 20, the story repeated itself for the third time, but now in Shanghai. This is how Santi concludes his tour through Asia on the singles category and travels to Europe to compete for the Valencia Open 500, that shares a stock on prizes of €1,496,095.