Cali was the chosen city for the group’s finals of the American Zone of the Davis Cup. It’s a real pleasure for me to be back in this quiet city of a very nice weather, full of good vibes and warm people.


The kindness of the people and its good atmosphere made us feel like home during our stay at Cali. Four out of the six team members are VALLUNOS, with the exemption of Alejandro Gonzalez and myself, so we felt even more integrated with local culture.

It was the 9th time since its debut in 1959 that Cali is the Colombian host for the Davis Cup in an ideal scenario: The Alvaro Carlos Jordan Tennis Stadium at the Unidad Deportiva Panamericana. A mythical facility built to host the Pan American Games of 1971. It’s an event that creates a lot of expectations and respect, talking about the final of the Davis Cup’s first group, and knowing that family and friends are there, as well as a warm group of fans.



The official seat is the Country Club, a place full of trees, nature, squirrels and lots of peace. We were there during the series on that we won by 4-1, which granted our pass to the World Group Play Off. We had a dinner with the whole Federation team and group after the classification. Then we went to Cascanueces, to have one of the most delicious ice cream in the city with Cabal, Farah, Falla, Hadad, a handful of good friends and Carlos Salamanca, a good friend and journalist for Win Sports. This is the place to be for all the dessert-lovers in Cali!

It’s always nice to visit this city because of the weather and its quietness, but most of all, because of the warmth of its people. It’s just that salsa beat that, even if you are not a great dancer, sticks to you and makes you happy. And of course to enjoy one of Cali’s pleasures, a delicious cold lulada.


I’m in the back seat of the cab on my way to the airport and there are just thankful words to everyone for their support.

So see you in Houston?