On Friday afternoon the series began with a game between Colombia and Urugay for a ticket to the playoffs of the world group in Copa Davis at the Carrasco Lawn Tennis in Montevideo.

After the first game between Alejandro González and Pablo Cuevas ended with scores of 2-6 6-4 4-6 6-1 and 6-4, “Gonzo” gained the first victory for Colombia. Next it was the turn of Santi vs. Martín Cuevas, number 420 of the world ranking. The player from Colsanitas and the Uruguayan had previously faced each other, with a victory for Santi with 6-2, 6-0 and 6-2 scores in Copa Davis 2011.

The beginning of the match was near 1:00pm Colombian time zone. Santi began with a safe game, which was shown with a 4-0 score on his favor. However the Uruguayan gave battle and overcame with a 6-5 score to Santi. The national player continued his fight for the set and finally showed his experience and knowledge that keeps him in the top 40 of the ATP, and won the tie break with a 7-1 score.

The second set was for Cuevas with a 6-3 score after being down in the score by 0-3, and constant complains from Santiago. Amazingly, the Uruguayan lost the second set.

The third set, Cuevas gave his best and stood up with a 3-0 score, but Santiago played better, and after the Uruguayan complained of constant cramps, Santi won this set with a 6-3 score.

On the fourth set, Santi continued with good rhythm and gained a break on the fifth set, which relieved some of the pressure and thus, won the final set with a 6-3 score.

Santi assured with this victory that the Colombian tennis has the level of the World Group and the series stands 2-0 on favor, with the possibility of closing the series tomorrow with Juan Sebstian Cabal and Robert Farah playing in doubles.

The Colombian has played 19 series defending his country. With this one sum now 14 series between those countries, with a 7-6 advantage for Colombia, a country that won four of the last five series (since 2006). The last victory for Uruguay was in 2011.