Days before my debut match on the City Open of Washington, I took some time to discover the city and visit interesting places, enjoying the company of my friends. We made a stop on the White House, a very impressive building from which the big Capitol turns out to be outstanding, framing the ensemble of the most relevant political building of the United States.

Santi Giraldo_Washington_3

The city’s architecture is carefully designed. Every detail on the facades is spectacular. The cloudy and stormy weather was not an obstacle to explore a place that took my breath away: The Washington DC Subway. In many places from all over the world, public transportation spaces often display a low aesthetic level, not to mention the fact that the constant flow of users turns such spaces into crowded and uncomfortable places to be. The Washington DC Subway stations are the exception.

Just like when I was in Hamburg and I was kindly surprised by the mobile library plan for the buses, I was amazed in Washington by the awesome structure of its subway and the high tech systems that makes this place a very elegant one.

Santi Giraldo_Washington_1

The ceilings of the tunnels are built up from white blocks that remind us of the classic government buildings and create a sense of amplitude. All of the stations have signage with the best technology to guide the user to his destination.  Right here, I’m entering the Dupont Circle Station.

Santi Giraldo_Washington_2

The ATP 500 Washington left me a very comforting experience. With the everlasting support of my Colsanitas Team, I was able to get to quarterfinals where I confronted the Canadian Vasek Pospissil. My performance has improved after my last position in Hamburg, that is a huge motivation to me and I will keep on training hard to achieve the best position on the Rogers Cup.

So we’ll meet again Toronto! Colombia, let’s go!