It follows the controversy occurred after the series in the American zone I of the Davis Cup between Colombia and Chile. Following withdrawal of Santiago Giraldo of the series that gave the final point to the austral to qualify for the World Group playoffs continue on both sides complaints about the state of the court where he played Iquique.

On Monday, explayer and assistant Chile Davis Cup team, Marcelo Rios, published a letter signed by all the coaching staff and Chilean players in which they ask for more support to the Government of his country to provide better conditions for players in the country .

In the letter reference it is also made to the state of the court where the series was played, “In the last Davis Cup demeaning lived as a professional tennis player can live. Not only because of the fact offer you a court unpresentable our rivals (again) and not be ashamed to have even a decent pitch where to play Davis Cup … ”
The team recalled the great victories of Chile at the Olympics and question whether to request the settlement of the main court of the National Stadium and have a court according to its history in tennis “is a tall order for the most successful of Chile sport?” .
Last Saturday the Colombian Tennis Federation submitted a full report of everything that happened in the series where he claimed that failing to report to play “Colombia had lost the series by W. O, would not be eligible to play the Davis Cup in 2016 and 2017. No face the Dominican Republic in September for the permanence in Group I of the American Zone and had fallen to the Group II of the American Zone. “