It was getting to a point where all the injustices and abuses committed against Colombia accumulated: Having to play on a court that threatened the integrity of each of us; in which it was not possible to develop anywhere near our game without thinking about the chance of injury …

Heart I felt the need to defend the dignity of my country and my teammates, make it very clear that we express dissent since Monday when we reached a stage that did not offer the conditions for a competition of this level.

The regulation clearly states that if the host computer not provided by the visiting team is the winner. We did not have them. On Saturday at 7.30am we did not know whether to go to an alternative club, which neither the offered, or a dangerous court and take apart that had not been not even tread.

My principles, my way of being honest and transparent, would not let me stay by staying in a court in which every step was taking a risk, could not display the game were too many things that had happened and chose to make it clear that Colombia, players, to us, we do our job professionally, he should be respected.

I understand that there are people who do not understand this decision and I respect his way of thinking, but I want you to know that if anything I fight every day is to leave high the name of Colombia and because we provide the respect we deserve.